SPACE Interior Ideas have stood for quality, sensible innovations and award winning design crafted with German machines. Today SPACE is one of the Calicut's leading Modular Kitchen Interiors, thanks to the company's many years of traditional, skill and expertise that has acquired over the years. By combining a wide selection of styles, functions and features, we are integrating fashion, function and technology to create unique kitchen environments that are designed to reflect the lifestyle and personality of taday's modern homeowner.We create looks that are unique to your home and guaranteed to last for many, many years to come. We are one stop shop for your complete interior solutions like new kitchen, bedroom, and living, everything you need in one Company.Our Philosophy is to offer the best international Standard products paired with cost effective and good service to our client.

Driven By Design

For Us,This means developing innovative functions and designing them to fit almost invisibly into the design language of the future.

Innovation with

At Space,our techniques unite the best of modern technology with time-hallowed craft skills. State of the art computer-controlled cutting and milling equipment ensures absolute precision time after time, yet every finished SPace kitchen is also the result of handcraftsmanship. Naturally,testing and quality control ensure that every stage of the process is upto perfectionist standards. For each of our customers, the result is a bespoke kitchen made to un-surpassed standards.

A Reflection of Quality

Each kitchen is made to measure and built to an individual order. Every cupboard and cabinet is hand-assembled and checked many times during its production. The results of their handiwork will continue to look stunning and work beautifully for decades to come. Many of our skilled craftsmen have been with us since joining the company in early stage
This depth of skill across the company means we can make the best use of modern material sand technology and turns the ordinary into the exceptional.We have been manufacturing beautiful bespoke kitchens under our traditional cabinetry brand ‘Space Interior Ideas’ for many years. Modern Kitchens was born out of love to explore the modern aesthete with beautiful clean lines uninterrupted by handles.