A perfect mix of traditional Kerala-style elements in your modern house will add to the overall charm and appeal. And of course, add to the aesthetics of the space. The definition of “THE BEST” is different for every person, even though everyone wants to follow the traditional Kerala style interior design. Creating a home with a vintage ambiance is quite easy. Let us go deep and get to know more about every single tip.

1. Open and Airy Spaces

The traditional Kerala-style houses are open and airy. The state of Kerala receives heavy rainfall and as a result of the coastal climate, it can lead to fungus growth. There should be plenty of space for fresh air and ventilation which keeps the home free of fungus. Hence, having open space and good provisions for the natural air to come in, is one of the main factors to be incorporated.

2. Wood Everywhere

The traditional home architecture uses wood heavenly and employs it almost everywhere. From wardrobes to wall hangings with impressive carvings; big mirrors with artistic wooden frames; wooden chairs of traditional style; wooden tables, sofas, and dining essentials – all speak of traditional elegance that has immense capability to impress. The traditional style home interior designers. Use our floor mat guide to make the right choice of floor mats for your business. There is a lot to choose from. Let’s see the list of floor mats.

3. Central Courtyards or Nadumuttam

Nadumuttam adds to a home’s appeal. It gives a majestic appearance. You can also bring plants to the nadumuttam to add more life to it. Also, try to integrate a small pond with fish, perhaps, against a wall or in the center. Placing lights around the nadumuttam makes the place warm and inviting.

4. Wall Paintings

Some huge, attractive, and eye-catching wall paintings help to fill the empty space of the interiors and they will help to catch the attention of the visitors. Choosing bold and unique wall paintings can enhance the interiors of your home. Use a color scheme that suits the entire space or choose something in contrasting colors.

5. Carved Entrance Doors

Earlier, in traditional houses, the entrance doors were designed to create a good impression. This tradition can be used even today by replacing your entrance door with a beautifully carved custom-designed front door in teak or rosewood. A Similar design can be adopted for your pooja room entrance to bring a stunning traditional touch to your modern interiors.


Your home can reveal a lot about your personality. Nowadays, no people want their dream home to be an imitation of other homes. Space Interior Ideas can offer a helping hand for you. Our designers try their best to make your vision a reality.