If you are planning to construct a home, the first thing that comes to mind is how you should design your modular kitchen, the heart of your home. First, if you can save your unnecessary expenses, you can make your modular kitchen, and Home Interior more beautiful. With a bit of careful planning, you can achieve the kitchen of your dreams. It is essential to build a customized, beautiful, and luxurious kitchen in your dream home. Now, you can consider the following simple tips to get started with your modular kitchen design and plan.

Modular kitchens not only look trendy but also are very convenient to figure in. That’s why they're called ‘modular’.

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1. Define the space

The design for a modular kitchen depends on the availability of the space. If it is parallel, a smaller space or straight kitchen would work as the best option. Different types of kitchen designs are L, U-shaped, or ISLAND kitchens.

2. Plan your layout

Before starting the work you need to commit to a layout about your modular kitchen. Modern-day kitchens aren’t just about cooking. They are the heart of the home and have turned out to be more multi-functional than ever. So, think well and plan your layout spaces according to the activities that will happen in your kitchens such as dining, conversations, and tea time.

3. Use the Ideal Countertop Length

Need to ensure that the kitchen cabinets are not too high from the countertop. Because it is very difficult to reach the upper shelves. Design standards are to be set by considering the average height of people. Because the designer can adjust the countertop height to meet the preferences of your family.

4. Choose Kitchen Colors Wisely

It might be best to avoid a kitchen with white paint. It is because Indian cooking tends to result in a lot of tough stains. A kitchen with white color consistent with cleaning and is high on maintenance. But in the case of darker shades, it attracts more heat, especially in summers. So you can choose a combination of these two to maintain the overall harmony.

5. Electrical fixtures

Before designing the space, slots for electrical and plumbing points need to be kept in mind, especially for apartments. Ensure an easy outlet for taking water and the kitchen should be well lit and ventilated.

6. Kitchen Lighting

Having the brightness and warmth of the natural light in your kitchen gives you positive energy. Overhead lighting is also important. Presently, the use of cabinet lights is gaining popularity due to the direct shine they put on the countertop. These types of lights are great for cooking at night.

7. Use proper ventilation

While planning your kitchen space, give importance to Ventilation, and other safety concerns. If there is any space challenge, then the usage of adequate chimneys and large windows can be an effective alternative.

8. Choose the right Appliances

Choose quality materials for your Kitchen. Also, make sure the materials like furniture used in the kitchen are tested against water, termites, etc. The quality materials are long-lasting.

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9. Safety First

Pay regular attention to gas piping and take necessary steps to prohibit gas leakage from curving countertop edges. Keep your kitchen a safe place to work. Also, the flooring must be slip-resistant and allow you to easily clean any spills or breaks.

10. Utilize Maximum space

While creating storage shelves and cabinets in the kitchen utilize maximum spaces and do not ignore the corners thinking it’s of no use. However, you can make a wide storage area by utilizing all corners of the kitchen to ensure complete utilization of the kitchen corner space.